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FreeMotion Genesis DS Deltoid F505

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FreeMotion Genesis DS Deltoid F505


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FreeMotion Genesis DS Deltoid F505

FreeMotion Genesis DS Deltoid F505

FreeMotion Genesis DS Deltoid F505

Strengthen your forearms, shoulders, chest and neck with the versatileFreeMotion Genesis DS Deltoid F505. Utilizing cable-based training with convenient, interchangeable snap-clip aluminum swivel pulleys–the Deltoid machine allows you to target specific arm muscles from a seated or standing position. An adjustable thigh pad comfortably secures your legs throughout your workout and the pivoting seat pad allows you to quickly fold away the padded seat to switch between seated and standing workout positions.

This machine provides the ultimate fitness experience that will take you to a new level of workout motivation. The FreeMotion Genesis DS Deltoid F505 will allow you to strengthen your body for the way you want to live. All you have to do is call 1-800-875-9145 to chat with one of our agents with any questions you may have. Get Motivated go to FitnessZone.com to order your Genesis DS Deltoid F505 and get where you want to be Faster, Bigger and Stronger!


FreeMotion Genesis DS Deltoid F505 Specifications


  • Length: 66" (168 cm)
  • Width: 32" (81 cm)
  • Height: 64" (163 cm)
  • Weight: 0lbs (0 kgs)
Industrial ConstructionEquipment is built with 11- and 7-gauge steel tubing and is electrostatically powder-coated with paint that has undergone 2,000 hours of salt spray testing.
Weight CapacityBuilt to last, the FreeMotion Deltoid can accommodate up to 400 lbs.
Dimensions (HWL)64" H x 32" W x 66" L (163 cm H x 81 cm W x 168 cm L)
Effective Resistance1 pulley – 90 lbs. (41 kg), 2 pulleys – 180 lbs. (82 kg)
Weight Stack Configuration(2) 180 lb. weight stacks, (2) 10 lb. top plates, (34) 10 lb. plates
Cable DiameterExerflex Pro®: 5/32-inch rated to 980 lbs. (445 kg)
ADA CompliantCompliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act for wheelchair accessibility.


FreeMotion Genesis DS Deltoid F505 Features


+ Multiple Mid/Low Pulley Options

Engage your forearms, shoulders, chest and neck in a variety of pulling options including the row, straight arm shoulder, lateral and frontal raises and the sagittal plane movements.

+ Adjustable Thigh Pad

Contoured, thigh pads adjust in height and swivel and slide to fit a wide variety of users.

+ Pivot Seat Pad

Quickly fold up the padded seat to change from a seated to standing workout position.

+ Independent Arm Movement

Handles move independently for a wide variety of shoulder exercises and single arm movements.

+ Aluminum Swivel Pulleys

Because the pulleys swivel, it allows the user to target specific muscles and recruit the muscles being used to stabilize and balance the body.

+ Snap Clip Design

Quickly move the handles to the pulley system of your choice for a variety of different exercises that target different muscles groups.

+ Kick Plates

16-gauge, stainless steel kick plates protect the machine from wear and tear.

+ Cable Travel

Extensive cable travel allows for a full exercise flexion of 72 inches per arm (183 cm).

+ Two Enclosed 180 lb. Weight Stacks

Limits access to moving parts for user safety.

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