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Show Me Weights Sponsored Events

If you would like Show Me Weights to sponsor your event send sponsorship information to accounts@showmeweights.com. 


Show Me Weights Equipment Sponsorship 

We are retailer or new and used fitness equipment. We are not a rental equipment company; and we do not keep equipment specifically for renting. We have offered Equipment Sponsorship to some of our clients who have needed it for events. The rental fee covers our cost to secure the equipment, transportation of equipment and employees, labor, and housing of employees.  All of our rental equipment is new and sold at a discount rate after the competition with full warranty. We have found most events give proceeds to charity in some way and for that reason and our costs we cannot waive the fee if the event is for a charity.

If you would like a Quote on renting our equipment, send the following details to shannon@showmeweights.com.

Name of the Event

Date(s) of the event

Date equipment is needed for setup

Where (exactly) the event will be held

How many contestants and spectators at the event

Equipment needed (exact amounts)
(Please note we will not rent Concept 2 Rowers, but we offer discounted pricing for buying Concept 2 Rowers in bulk)

What type of surface the equipment will be used on.

Equipment Rental must be paid in full before the event.

Due to the cost of renting equipment Show Me Weights can no longer trade equipment use for sponsorship booths.