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8/26/17 we will be at JOMO Crossfit for the MidWest Wodfest

Items used in the event will be:

Diamond Pro Men's 2.0 Bars $185

Diamond Pro Women's 2.0 Bars $170

Crumb Bumper plates

10lb $16.50 each

15lb $24.75 each

25lb $37.50

35lb $52.50

45lb $67.50


3-in-1 wood plyos (20x24x30)  $110

35lb dumbbells $43.75 each

40lb dumbbells $50 each

50lb dumbbells $62.50 each


Diamond Pro Wallball

14lb $62

20lb $68

All equipment will be one time used and will not be available until the end of the event.


 See all our past event used items here: https://www.showmeweights.com/event-used-items.html

Contact Show Me Weights to pre-order event used equipment 636-326-1885 or sales@showmeweights.com.