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Wright Equipment Dead Weight Slam Balls

Availability: In stock

Product NamePriceQty
Wright Equipment 10lb Slam Ball
Wright Equipment 15lb Slam Ball
Wright Equipment 20lb Slam Ball
Wright Equipment 25lb Slam Ball
Wright Equipment 30lb Slam Ball
Wright Equipment 35lb Slam Ball
Wright Equipment 40lb Slam Ball
Wright Exercise 45lb Slam Ball

Out of stock

Wright Equipment 50lb Slam Ball
Wright Equipment 75lb Slam Ball
Wright 100lb Slam Ball

Out of stock

Wright Equipment 150lb Slam Ball

Out of stock

Wright Exercise Slam Ball 200lb

Out of stock

Quick Overview

Wright Equipment Dead Weight Slam Balls

Intended for functional resistance training exercises of varying difficulty for any fitness, sport or rehabilitation application. This is the perfect ball for exercises such as Slam Ball, wood chops, overhead throws and many more. The firm texture of the Non-Bounce ball allows for easy gripping during all movements. 

The perfect tool for CrossFit workouts, Personal Trainers, Core Stregthing, or Sport Specific Training like MMA, Boxing, Wrestling, etc.


Weights Available - 10lb, 15lb, 20lb, 25lb, 30lb, 35lb, 40lb, 50 lb, 75lb, 100lb and 150lb

Diameter - 10-30lb balls are 9" diameter, 35-50 are 10", and 80-150lb are 14"

Color - Black


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