1. Fitness equipment installation professionals are less likely to cause damage 

In a worst-case scenario, installing gym equipment yourself can result in immediate equipment failure. However, the more common scenario is that it results in damage being done over time. Most fitness enthusiasts are familiar with how to operate gym equipment, but few have the depth of knowledge necessary to install it.

Even slight errors in the setup can make it more likely that the machine will experience greater wear and tear over time. This results in a shortened lifespan for the equipment. Gym equipment is usually quite expensive (especially if you are building a commercial gym). Installing it yourself will lead to a diminished return on your investment since you will need to replace it sooner.

Even if handling setup yourself only causes cosmetic damage to your equipment, this can still have a negative impact on a commercial gym. If customers see that most of your equipment is dented or scratched, they may assume that it is worn out and view your gym with suspicion.

Fitness equipment installation professionals have years of experience, and they know how to optimally set up and configure each piece of equipment. These professionals can take into account the type of use the machine will be subjected to, and they can then set it up in a way that lets you get as much life as possible out of it.

2. Professionals often offer extra services  

In most cases, fitness equipment assembly professionals can do more than just assemble your equipment. Many services also remove and dispose of all packaging and trash once each item is assembled. Disposing of packaging materials might not seem like a big deal, but when you are putting together an entire gym, trash can accumulate quickly, and it is almost always more than would fit in a standard garbage can. Instead of worrying about where you will need to transport boxes and leftover packing materials, you can simply let the professionals take care of it.

Many fitness equipment installation services also will carry each machine exactly where you want it. This service is one that saves you time and also saves you from potential injuries — many pieces of gym equipment are very heavy, and carrying them upstairs yourself can result in injury to you and damage to the equipment.

In some cases, fitness equipment assembly professionals will also lay down gym flooring for you. Whether this comes at an additional cost or not, it is often a wise choice. If the flooring is installed incorrectly, it can become unsightly or even dangerous — flooring that is improperly anchored may slip, which could cause you or others to fall and potentially become injured. It is important to note that you would need to supply the flooring to be installed, as many equipment manufacturers do not also manufacture gym flooring.

3. Self-installation usually voids the warranty 

Most pieces of gym equipment for home or commercial use come with a warranty. While the warranty type will vary based on the individual manufacturer, it usually will cover maintenance and repairs for a given period of time. When you own a gym, this type of guarantee is valuable protection of your investment — manufacturers will generally respond quickly to maintenance requests, and they also save you the headache of troubleshooting complex equipment on your own.

However, almost every warranty specifies that it will be voided if the machine is set up or otherwise worked on by someone who is not a trained professional. No gym owner wants to think about equipment suddenly breaking, but it is an unfortunate reality. It may be tempting to install the equipment yourself and save some money upfront, but doing this means that you will not have manufacturer support in the event of a machine breaking (or even needing routine maintenance). You may still be able to pay an independent contractor to make a repair, but this is often much more expensive than repairs under a manufacturer’s warranty would be.

4. Many installation professionals are trained by equipment manufacturers

Each manufacturer builds workout equipment differently. If you are someone who has successfully assembled a treadmill from one brand, it is not a good idea to try to set up a machine made by a different manufacturer. After all, fitness equipment installation is much more complex than putting together furniture, and even slight errors can spell disaster down the road.

Because of the complexities of modern gym equipment, installation professionals are almost always trained by the manufacturer. This means that they have a deep, working knowledge of each machine type they install. Plus, since these professionals have years of experience, they are familiar with how each piece of equipment functions over time. They have seen common issues that can occur with each type, so they will be able to take this into account when installing.

As an added benefit, if you do need to call the manufacturer to perform a repair, the fitness equipment installation professionals who work on your machine will likely have seen its specific issue before, and they will often be able to diagnose and repair it very efficiently. This translates to less downtime and greater profits for a commercial gym. In a home gym, it means you can get back to your regular workout routine quickly.

5. Installing equipment yourself may be a liability issue

Despite the benefits of hiring fitness equipment installation professionals, some gym owners are still determined to assemble and set up equipment themselves. This is an approach that may lead to a gym patron being injured due to equipment failure. While an injury is bad enough on its own, it may also open up your business to the possibility of a lawsuit.

It is true that those who exercise at a gym usually sign a waiver acknowledging the risks. However, a gym owner who does not have equipment installed by professionals is very likely to be perceived as negligent by a judge, especially if that gym owner has no prior experience assembling fitness equipment. A lawsuit is likely to cost your business a significant amount of money, so it is advisable to simply pay fitness equipment installation professionals to install your equipment properly from the start.

If you own a home gym, you probably will not have to worry about legal liability — after all, you cannot file a lawsuit against yourself. However, DIY setups make your equipment more likely to fail, which in turn makes injury more likely. For instance, some home gym owners prefer to set up their own squat racks. If the setup is done incorrectly (and especially if the rack is not bolted properly to the floor or wall), they run the risk of tipping the rack over onto themselves during use. This type of equipment failure is likely to cause serious injury, and it can cause damage to your home and to your equipment as well.

6. Hiring fitness assembly professionals saves you time 

Most people who are setting up a home gym have other life responsibilities to attend to, and most gym owners will be busy preparing their businesses for opening day. When you hire fitness equipment installation professionals to install your gym equipment, you will have more time to attend to other matters. Even for pieces of equipment that look fairly simple, installation and assembly is a time-consuming task, and most people will also want to avoid the significant frustrations that may come with a DIY setup.

7. Many fitness equipment installation professionals share their knowledge

Thanks to their years of experience working with gym equipment, fitness assembly professionals tend to know a lot about what it takes to keep your equipment in excellent condition. Often, when an installer is on-site, they will be more than happy to talk to you about what proper maintenance entails. Some may also be able to tell you about common issues a given machine may experience, which will help you evaluate when the equipment needs maintenance.

Because most installers are trained by equipment manufacturers, they also may be able to offer you tips on how to contact the manufacturer with questions or order replacement parts for broken machines.


Setting up a home gym or commercial gym is a major effort, and it can become overwhelming at times. However, by simply hiring fitness equipment installation professionals with years of experience, you can avoid future headaches and expenditures. Plus, you will be able to keep your gym equipment running and in good condition for years to come.