It’s that time of year again to gear up for another school year. Whether you’re in high school, college, or have little ones, you need get the basics taken care of first. Show Me Weights is here to help you get the job done a little easier this year! Several items of our inventory are on sale from August 1 – 31. Need help navigating the best deals? Read on to find out more on our Back to School, Back to Basics Sale.


Get Back to the Basics


This sale puts the spotlight on basic or essential fitness equipment like bars, FPD resistance bands, cast iron dumbbells, and a few used racks and benches. Huge savings will include deals like: 


ERS Series Double Ab Wheel: $8


Work out your core and improve your stability with our ERS Series Double Ab Wheel. Workouts include planks, knee rollouts, and 8 other awesome ab wheel exercises that will strengthen your core.

ERS Series Suspension System: $60


This is a versatile, portable, and adjustable device for bodyweight exercises. Simply attach the ERS Series Suspension System to any pull-up bar, squat rack, or beam and start training to reach your goals. With this, you can do push-ups, dips, flies, rows, core work and more! Each strap measures 8' long.


ERS 360 Motor Resistor: $50


The 360 Motor Resistor consists of a flexible band that extends safely. It is equipped with a safety handle and a rotation belt that allows free 360-degree movements. Furthermore, the adjustable belt adapts to different body types.

ERS Series Agility Ladder: $16


Made of lightweight nylon, the ERS Series Agility Ladder is easy to transport, comes with 10 adjustable rings, and measures in at 17L x 7.5W x 2H in. This speed ladder is essential for practice and drills for improving footwork and increasing agility.

ERS Series Soft Plyo Box Set 6", 12", 18", 24": $615


When it comes to box jumps, we think of safety. The ERS Series Plyo Box Set, made completely out of foam, is the safest way to exercise. This set comes with 4 plyo soft boxes at heights of 6”, 12”, 18”, and 24”. Each box is 36” width x 30” length and includes Velcro around the sides.

EMS Series Foam Tires: Take An Additional $25 Off 


This soft tire is made with extra-durable dense foam. The Show Me Weights Foam Tire is available in three sizes, each with its own unique color for easy identification. Exercises that can be performed include deadlifts, farmers walk, sled push/pull, tire flips, step-ups, box jumps, and more.

FPD 42" Resistance Assistance Individual Bands: 20% Off 


The FPD 42” Resistance Assistance Individual Bands were made to take a beating during your exercise. Their durability and quality lasts, but each band does come with a one-year warranty from date of purchase.

Basic 45lb Chrome Bar NEW: $58


Now’s your chance to purchase a BRAND NEW 45lb chrome bar for only $58. Our bars are designed with you in mind when it comes to your workout. Don’t miss out on this hot deal!


Check Out Your One-Stop Shop


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