As a gym owner, you know that profit is key to sustaining your studio. Your current offerings and clients are probably helping you remain in the black. But what if you wanted to create additional streams of revenue to keep your head higher above water? We can help with that. Read on to learn how these 6 tips and tricks can help sustain your gym even more:


Get into Retail

If your studio doesn’t currently offer some sort of retail items or merchandising, then you’re missing out. This is one of the easiest, most effective ways you can increase your profits. Try selling bottled water, snacks, or supplements, or provide small, useful items like batteries, weight-lifting gloves, or combination locks at or near the front desk. Your clients will appreciate the convenience!


Give Members Options

It’s no secret that a gym makes money through memberships. Why not make the most of your future profits by creating different tiers of offerings? Offer your clients more or fewer services based on their membership level. For starters, you could offer shorter classes for basic-level memberships and build from there.


Team Up with Independent Trainers

Expand your services by collaborating with trainers who offer programming that you don’t currently provide. For instance, massage therapy or competitive sports programs may resonate with your clientele, helping you retain your memberships. Reach out to your network – you might be surprised who’ll join forces with you!


Provide Motivating Workshops

It’s not uncommon for anyone to hit plateaus when trying to get fit or lose weight. Help your clients break through their workout roadblocks and mix up their routines with workshops and boot camps. These won’t just increase your revenue – they will also help renew your clients’ motivation and help them grow on their fitness journey. Try adding Zumba, hot yoga, or even water aerobic courses to your repertoire!


Offer Personal Training Sessions

Much like workshops, personal training sessions can help clients learn, grow, and reach their fitness goals. Tap your network and ask specialized trainers to consider offering their services.


Educate with Nutritional Plans

People often crave information on how to take care of their bodies through nutrition. If you or any of your team members have received certification in nutrition, try offering a few plans to your clients.


Sometimes adding new or updated equipment to your studio can work wonders in increasing your revenue, too. Look no further than Show Me Weights! Check out our new and pre-owned equipment to get started.